Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a laying on of hands that uses touch to heal and bring feelings of wholeness, serenity, and a sense of being reunited with one’s true self. The result is calming, breathing deeply and feeling lighter. Is a Reiki appointment for you? Do you feel unbalanced? Do you want to feel calmer? Do you feel like your energy is stagnant? A Reiki session just may be the answer for you.

The mood is set for your Reiki session with quiet soft,  music playing in the background in a safe and loving environment. Starting with a guided meditation, you will close your eyes and slowly let go of all the tensions and stress. Beginning at the head, I will progressively move down your body, placing my hands on key points to check and balance your chakras. Crystals will be placed in these areas specifically to  meet your needs. Working slowly down your body, I will address any additional areas of concern.  We’ll get positive energy moving in your seven major chakra areas where it was stagnant before and by the time we have finished, you will feel like you are sitting on a cloud.

 60 minute session $85