Allergy Elimination

An allergy can be defined as a condition of unusual sensitivity an individual has to one or more substances which may be harmless or even beneficial to the majority of other people. An allergy can affect someone as an adverse physical, chemical, and/or emotional reaction towards one or more substances.

Developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad due to her own suffering with personal health problems, NAET reprograms your brain to perfect health and  is a pain free, needle free, drug free, holistic, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities.

NAET is a combination of knowledge and techniques that uses what is already known from allopathic (western medicine), chiropractic, kinesiology, acupuncture (Oriental medicine), and nutrition. NAET can unlock the blockages in the energy pathways and restart normal energy circulation. This helps the brain to work and coordinate with the rest of the body to operate properly.

$125 first session- intake session can last up to 90 minutes. NAET requires more than one visit $99 per visit thereafter